Destination wedding in Dubai: where and how?

If you are planning a luxurious destination wedding, Dubai is the place. This exotic location gives you a variety of options from an Arabian-themed desert wedding to beach weddings and, of course, a high-end luxurious venue that will leave your guests speechless.

The best part of having your destination wedding in Dubai is that it is perfectly located between Europe, Africa and Asia and amazingly connected to the rest of the planet. So no matter where your guests are flying in, they will have no difficulties getting a flight.

How to plan a destination wedding  in Dubai

So, you’ve fallen in love with Dubai and have decided to get married under the charming Arabian sky. Well, first thing’s first. Hiring a renowned wedding planner in Dubai  is always the best option. They will be able to provide you with all the information you need first hand, to guide you through venue and catering choices, and even provide suggestions regarding themes and dress options.

Deciding on the where

There is no shortage of amazing wedding venues in Dubai; however, it is important to know which direction you want to take for your dream day.

A desert wedding

This can be an amazing fairytale option when it comes to outdoor wedding venues in Dubai. Just think, Arabian nights, there will be no lack of romance under the star-lit sky. There is an abundance of luxury desert venues in the UAE for you to make your special day as memorable and majestic as your love from Al Maha and Bab Al Shams to Ritz-Calton, located just an hour’s drive from Dubai, in Al Wadi Desert, Ras Al Khaimah emirate. The catering and decor will not be lacking, and you will also have great accommodation options for your guests. In addition, some fun desert activities can be arranged for those staying a few days longer.

A luxurious venue

It is quite clear that this stunning destination oozes luxury, and the same can be said for wedding venues in Dubai. If you want a memorable wedding that can go toe-to-toe with some royal weddings, there are definitely several options to consider. Your wedding planner in Dubai is sure to provide you with an extensive list to choose from. Locations like Burj Al Arab Jumeirah offer stylish grand ballrooms decorated with customized flowers to ensure the ultimate luxury experience.

A rooftop extravaganza

Given that Dubai boasts some of the tallest buildings in the world, it is not unusual that many couples consider rooftop wedding venues in Dubai as their dream wedding location. There would be no lack of maying view that stretches for miles. Privacy is guaranteed, and your guests are bound to have a memorable time. Not to mention the backdrop for your wedding photos is bound to bring a smile to your face every time you look at your wedding album.

A romantic beach wedding

Yes, this is also an excellent option for your Dubai destination wedding. The white sand with the beautiful backdrop of one of the most memorable skylines, what more can you ask for. You can have your wedding at one of the luxurious Dubai beach resorts so that there will be no lack of quality decor and catering options.

Some essentials for a Dubai destination wedding

In this section, we will make sure that you get some essential information that will ensure that your destination wedding in Dubai is a smooth and memorable experience.

The legalities

It is important to keep in mind that Dubai offers different procedures depending on your nationality, religion, and residency status. So there are certain legal requirements and conditions that must be met.

If both you and your partner are non-residents you can’t have a legally binding marriage in UAE.

So if you want to avoid all the hassle of the administration, you can always opt for a symbolic or blessing ceremony and do the official part in your country of residence. This type of ceremony usually takes place outside in a beach or garden setting during the day. You will definitely take the weight of paperwork off your shoulders by opting for this.

The weather

Like most destination wedding locations, Dubai has an on-season and off-season for hosting events. This is due to the fact that the summer months get really hot. The prime time to have your destination wedding in Dubai is between the months of October and May.

However, if you decide that May, June, or July are your preferred months, there is always the indoor wedding option that comes with some favorable discounts.

In addition, it is best to avoid getting married during Ramadan, the holy month in Islam during which Muslims fast for 30 days. As you can imagine, there are many restrictions that can affect the festivities in that period. As the dates for this religious holiday change yearly, make sure you check in advance. In 2022, it will last from April 2nd to May 2nd.

Providing entertainment for your guests

As most of your guests will want to stay a few days and enjoy what Dubai has to offer, it is important to consider different activities. Depending on your and tour guests’ preferences, the options range from skydiving, zip-lining all the way to desert safari and water activities. They will also have the opportunity to spend an evening at the Dubai Opera for a more elevated experience.

A visit to Dubai would not be complete without some shopping. So make sure you introduce your guests to some of the best shopping locations in Dubai. From the traditional Old Dubai souks to Dubai Mall, the Global village, and Souk Madinat Jumeirah, they are bound to have some fun exploring.

Hopefully, this article has brought you closer to your dream destination wedding in Dubai. Make sure you find the perfect wedding planner in Dubai  to make all your specific wishes come true so that you will have a day to remember and the pictures to prove it.

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